Vermont's favorite escape games.

Choose your mission, buy your tickets, then work together to find clues, crack codes, unlock locks and escape – before time runs out…you only have 60 minutes!

Choose your mission.

Fun for friends and family ages 6+. Below age 13 must be with a parent or guardian.

Room 1 | 2-8 Players


Seeking shelter from the snow, you find yourself trapped in the cabin of a crazed carny hunting three of Vermont’s most mysterious creatures. Can you uncover the truth, solve the madman’s puzzles, and save Champ?

The Vermonsters room was so fun!! Well worth the money and just the right amount of complicated. The game master was an absolutely fantastic host, and we would happily return to work with him again!

Teal D

Room 2 | 2-12 Players


When your wizarding tutor is imprisoned by an evil sorcerer, it’s up to you and your classmates to break into the conjuror’s lair and steal back the Sphere of Souls to free him from the warlock’s curse. But hurry, you only have 60 minutes until the sorcerer returns and you become his next victims!

My wife and I loved Spellbound! The room and staff were excellent! No two puzzles were the same and there was a great mix of riddles, dexterity puzzles, and observation puzzles.

Joel R

Room 3 | 2-10 Players

Area 51

Your team responds to a distress signal from top-secret government facility Area 51. Aliens are real and one has escaped in the facility. You have 60 minutes to follow the clues from the missing scientists, capture the escaped alien lifeform, and trigger facility shutdown — before it’s too late.

Did the Area 51 escape room and it was soooo much fun! The game master was an awesome room guide. Such a great family fun activity. 10/10 will definitely come back and highly recommend.

Maddie B

Escape events for all.

Want a unique experience that your family, friends and colleagues will remember? To reserve your custom event, call 877-460-3722 or contact us here.


It's party time!

Birthdays, family reunion, date night, girls/guys night out, private event, etc... our team will work with you, to make a very fun and unique party experience.


No rope courses.

Looking for a thrilling team building experience that will instantly bond your multi-generational staff? At Escape Room 60, your team will connect, laugh, open up — and just have fun together – no alcohol required.


Rent the facility.

Groups with 13-30 participants that would like private facility pricing, please call 877-460-3722.

What do our escapees say?

    • I had a great time at this escape room, we played spellbound! It was so fun with so many intricate clues and challenging puzzles. It was really enjoyable for everyone in my group even though we had a large age range. This room is perfect for all ages. Our game master was fabulous, he gave us clues when we needed it and left funny messages on the screen to make us laugh. He made the room so much more fun and lightened the mood when weren’t getting along. Everyone come visit escape room 60!

      V Vibes
    • Great escape rooms! You guys have taken the time to design and decorate and it shows. I just completed my second room here and highly recommend. The themes are really fun and lots of tech. It is not just a room full of random clues and locked boxes.

      Veronica B
    • We had a great experience playing the room Spellbound!! Our group had a range of ages, but there was plenty of puzzles that everyone could participate in, and help with. Our game master was, very helpful, attentive, and just all-around wonderful! We never had problems getting our hints, and we were given very clear instructions beforehand. Overall it was one of the best escape rooms I’ve ever done, and I would definitely recommend it!

      Rebecca S
    • We love Escape Room 60! The rooms are detailed, challenging, and immersive. We have done all three of the current rooms; they are each unique and thoughtfully structured. Our game master was enthusiastic and attentive to the players. We will definitely return when there is a new room.

      Dawn S
    • My husband and I try to do an escape room whenever we go on vacation. We have agreed that this was easily one of the best escape rooms we’ve done in a long time. We did the Vermonster Room, and without giving anything away, it was SO fun, clever, just the right amount of difficult, and really, really professional and well done. Our game master was was so great at knowing when to ask if we needed a hint, and when we needed one, only giving just enough information to still make us think without just handing out answers wholesale.

      Emilee T
    • Our game master was very sweet and helpful. The room itself was challenging but not too challenging. We had a blast! Great place to go with friends or family. My group escaped with 5 minutes left!

      Emily L

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    • What the heck is an escape room?

      Escape rooms are a new form of immersive entertainment where customers aren’t just spectators — they are the heroes in their own adventure. Trapped in one of three mission-themed theatrical sets, members of your team must work together to find clues, crack codes, solve puzzles, and unlock the story before your time runs out.

    • What if it’s too hard?

      Our stories, sets, and puzzles are designed to make sure every team member can play a role in every mission, regardless of age. And if you do get stuck, our game masters will be helping the story unfold behind the scenes, watching your every move and triggering sound, lighting and visual clues to give you a nudge in the right direction.

    • Do I need to book in advance?

      This is a live ticketed event, and, due to the small size of each mission, Escape Room 60 adventures book up quickly. The best way to ensure you get the showtime your team wants is available is to buy tickets in advance. Tickets can also be purchased in person at our Williston location.

    • What if it’s too hard?

      Our stories, sets, and puzzles are designed to make sure every team member can play a role in every mission, regardless of age. And if you do get stuck, our game masters will be helping the story unfold behind the scenes, watching your every move and triggering sound, lighting and visual clues to give you a nudge in the right direction.

    • Is it scary?

      Scary? No. Intense, fun, and exciting? Yes! At Escape Room 60 we use a variety theatrical lighting, music and sound effects, to make your experience as immersive as possible without being scary.

    • What are your hours?

      In order to help ensure the well-being of our game masters and customers, Escape Room 60 is operating at an extremely limited capacity during the pandemic, with showtimes for our three adventures staggered throughout the day. To view available and reserve for your team, click the BOOK NOW button at the top right corner of this page.

    • Wait, did you say “trapped”?

      Well, not trapped for real… Pretend trapped. Participants can leave the room at any time. But what fun is that?

    • What if I’m late for my mission?

      Unfortunately, adventure waits for no one. The show must go on. Missions must commence at the scheduled time. If you hurry, you might only miss the beginning of the mission briefing. But due to the nature of our scenarios, late entrance into the story space cannot be permitted.

    • Will my group get put in a room with strangers?

      No! Given health concerns related to COVID-19, Escape Room 60 has shifted to private bookings only. Your team will have the entire set to itself.

    • How much does it cost?

      The cost to play is a flat $99 for teams of 2 or 3 people. For teams larger than 3, the price changes to $28 per person, plus tax.

    • Bring the kids or hire a sitter?

      Escape Room 60 was built with families in mind. Kids have a great spirit of adventure, are great at finding clues, and love to feel like part of the team. Note that all adventurers 12-years-old or younger must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian in the room. Children must be six or older to play.

    • Will prior knowledge be needed to solve puzzles?

      No, all of our clues can be solved from clues found within the room. However, you will have to depend on the help of your teammates and problem solving skills to escape.

    • How long does it take?

      Each experience lasts approximately 60 minutes.

    • When should I arrive?

      Arrive early, but not too early – 10 minutes should do the trick. In order to ensure social distancing of different groups, we may request that a group wait outside the facility until all parties arrive.

    • What should I bring?

      Just bring your team, your sense of adventure, and your winning spirit. If you need reading glasses you will probably want to bring them too as some rooms feature dim lighting. But please leave your smartphone in your pocket or purse during the course of the game— Google won’t help you!

    • What if I need to reschedule?

      Call us 48 hours in advance and we’ll work with you to reschedule for a new time. Note that because every slot you book is a slot that cannot be booked by someone else, we are unable to issue refunds for last-minute rebooking or no shows.

    • Can I still participate if I have mobility issues or a disability?

      Absolutely. There’s plenty of fun for everyone. Escape Room 60 is ADA compliant. That said, a number of our puzzles are audiovisual in nature so teamwork will be required if participants are vision- or hearing-impaired.